Video Poker Strategy

Video Poker Strategy

The idea of wagering on any casino game is to strengthen your chances of winning any of the games. The following video poker strategy guides will help you to win more. Different casino video poker games offer different payouts; for instance, the 9-6 Jacks or Better video poker games offer higher payouts than the 8-5 Jacks or Better games. Hence the first thing you need to do is to find a game that offers you the best payout rates. The payout percentages can be understood by going through the game’s pay table and it is important that you fully study the payout tables.

One of the concerns that might come up during game play is whether to bet maximum coins or not. The advantage of wagering the maximum number of coins is that you are entitled to jackpot payouts if you manage to hit a royal flush. The disadvantage of wagering the maximum number of coins is that your bankroll runs out faster. If you want greater returns and are ready to take more risks then you should bet maximum number of coins in the game and aim for the jackpots. If you are a conservative gambler then you should not wager maximum.

As far as possible try to look for a game that uses a single deck of cards. Video poker games that use multiple decks usually have a higher house edge and therefore reduced payout rates. These games should be avoided. The coin size of the game you choose should correspond to your bankroll. If you have a small bankroll then opt to play the lower denomination games in order to make your bankroll last longer.

The strategy in online casino video poker depends on determining which cards you must hold after the first deal of cards. This strategy differs from game to game or each video poker variation. However, whatever be the game you choose, the cards that contribute to a winning combination should not be disposed.

Strategies for some of the most common variants are:
Jacks or Better – Here you need to hold at least a pair of jacks if you want to win this game. If you receive the following cards then make sure you hold them. Royal flush of four cards or more - Three cards that can get you to a royal flush – Flush of four cards or more –and Two high cards

Deuce Wild – This variation suggests that all deuces or twos are wild cards which mean you need to hold at least a three of a kind if you want to win. Make sure to hold the following cards – All deuces - Royal flush of three cards or more - Straight flush of four cards or more – Flush of four cards or more - Two card jack or queen straight flushes.

Jokers Wild – This is played with a 54 deck of cards that contain two jokers. You need to hold at least a pair of kings if you wish to win in this video poker game. Hold cards such as: three cards that can get you to a royal flush preferably a pair of kings or aces - three sequential cards in the same suit. Hold on to the Jokers.

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