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Gambling addiction and measures to combat it

Gambling Addiction And Measures To Combat It

The twentieth century thundered with a “gold rush”. The twenty-first century plunged humanity into a new disease – gambling addiction. The roots of the fight against this addiction go deep into the past centuries.

Initially, a gambler was called a person who is not able to resist his greed, who does not know how to drown out the thirst for money. Democritus believed that such people are doomed in advance to an unhappy existence. Peter the Great was more loyal to gamblers, but still clearly limited the excitement of players to a specific amount of loss of one copper ruble.

Modernity demonstrates a clear passion of people for gambling. It is in countries with a developed gambling business that gambling addiction is at the forefront of social problems.

However, not the whole world is consumed by the fever of gambling. For example, the vast majority of Muslim states do not accept gambling. The ban is not only at the legislative level, but religion also comes into play. Meanwhile, at the top of the list of the most active players are the Chinese, residents of Thailand and Burma.

There have been cases when some farm families lost more than a third of their income. Horse racing bets are allowed both in the first echelon countries: the USA, Russia, Canada, and in countries such as Argentina and Colombia. The freest country from gambling addiction is Scandinavia – casinos there are under an unquestioning ban.

Gambling addiction in numbers

The gaming record holder in the United States. Initially, the cities of gambling were Atlantic City, then Las Vegas. Today the number of gambling clubs is over a thousand, and slot machines are measured in hundreds of thousands.

America is enriched by more than $ 20 million annually, thanks to income from gambling establishments. It should be noted that this large figure has a positive effect on the employment of the population. The gambling business of this scale is, first of all, 500,000 jobs. For comparison, UK casinos are ready to employ only 125 thousand people. The gambling business in England is developing under the strict supervision of the state.

Spain became the record holder for slot machines. More than 230 thousand gaming machines are concentrated in this country. The second place is followed by England and 300 thousand slot machines, followed by Hungary and 34 thousand units of gaming equipment. In Russia, this figure is relatively small. There are about 40 thousand automatic machines in the country.

Such a phenomenon as gambling addiction is perceived differently by different countries. For example, in Denmark gambling addiction is not classified as a disease, but is only considered a bad habit, no more harmful, say, than a passion for sweets. In Germany, the number of “patients” with gambling addiction is growing rapidly and is currently approaching 100,000.

Who is affected by gambling addiction

The causes of this cunning disease are quite varied, but, as a rule, loneliness, melancholy, weak-willed ness provoke a person’s excessive passion for gambling. Leading US psychotherapists believe that alcoholics, drug addicts, and the mentally ill are most often at risk.

Potential gambling addicts are weak, unbalanced, and overly impulsive people looking for a bright life. Lack of funds, misunderstandings among relatives, conflicts among friends, and superiors – all this contributes to the “infection” with passion.

Ways to combat gambling addiction

Each country has its own unique method of identifying, classifying, and combating gambling addiction. So, Switzerland chooses a complete drug method, prescribing strong psychotropic drugs to patients.

Canadians, on the other hand, are trying to convince the gambler that luck in gambling as such does not exist. This means that it is pointless to believe in winning every time. A similar technique has found a response in Australia, Sweden, Norway, the United States, and also Spain.

In addition to treating gambling addicts, legislative measures are being taken in countries where the problem of gambling is actively fought. These measures include licensing, strict age restrictions, high deductions to the state treasury.

As administrative measures, the following are considered: the correct geographical location of gambling establishments and slot machines (away from schools, religious and rehabilitation establishments), limiting the opening hours of such establishments, a ban on a certain type of games.
In casinos and other gambling establishments, such measures are taken as limiting amounts, drawing up “blacklists” of players, checking for adequacy.

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